Game Icons Set v1.0


Game Icons Set v1.0

150 shiny and flavorsome icons in a unique cartoon style.

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150 elements
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Find here mouth-watering mellow and juicy fruits, yummy glazy candies and classic game items. 150 shiny and flavorsome icons in a unique cartoon style. Wide selection of dynamic forms, bright appearance covers any game icons demands. You can almost taste them by looking at previews. We could not leave you without a cherry on top: 18 golden fruit icons are added as a special bonus!

You receive the set of files in different formats, so you can work with the illustrations in the convenient software: *.ai, *.eps, *.jpg, *.png.

Vector files give the opportunity to make a really high dimension image without quality loss - 8K and more. All the layers are well-organized: it makes easier to work with the source files

We constantly support sets and update them. Having bought a set, you can download the next version for free.

Version 2.0 :
We are working on this version. We will add to the archive soon!
- [files] in the process of adding 100 new items
Version 1.0 :
30 March 2022
- [files] 150 items added
- [files] formats added: *.ai, *.eps, *.jpg, *.png.

If you are missing some banner or other design before purchasing, please let us know and we will add it. So you can buy a set updated specially for you.

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