Parallax Background Collection v1.0


Parallax Background Collection v1.0

Eye-catching backgrounds for parallax effect!

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Eye-catching backgrounds for parallax effect. Editable illustrations, layered vector files, and scalable backdrops make it easy to create an appealing visual story. Explore interactive content showcasing, feel this new experience and take advantage of making nimble designs.

Profit from this incredible set with multiple indoor and outdoor situations. Awesome landscapes with seaview and big city scenes are at your disposal. We also provide interiors of a lush castle, cozy cafe, comfy children room and spacious library.

All our files are perfectly named and organized. We’ve already completed all the layering and technical tasks, and left for you only the yummy part. Push your imagination to the maximum and enjoy pure creative process: make perfect parallax designs and layouts.

You receive the set of files in different formats, so you can work with the illustrations in the convenient software: *.ai, *.eps, *.jpg.

Vector files give the opportunity to make a really high dimension image without quality loss — 8K and more. All the layers are well-organized: easier to work with the source files.

We constantly support sets and update them. Having bought a set once, you can download the next version(s) for free.

Version 2.0 :
We are working on this version. We will add to the archive soon!
- [files] in the process of adding 50 new items
Version 1.0 :
01 June 2022
- [files] 50 items added
- [files] formats added: *.ai, *.eps, *.jpg, *.

If you are missing some banner or other design before purchasing, please let us know and we will add it. So you can buy a set updated specially for you.

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